Where are you located?

We are currently based out of Northern Virginia :)

What types of products do you sell?

We currently sell deskmats, but we'll be expanding to include various other keyboard enthusiast products like keycaps & keyboards!

How can we submit recommendations or ideas to you?

We welcome all forms of comments, recommendations, & critiques, and you can reach us on our Discord, IG, or email!


What are deskmats?

Our deskmats are large custom-made mousepads that are perfect for the surface of your desk! We have many different colorways and designs that can compliment any setup! 

How is the quality of the deskmats?

The deskmats are produced with a smooth polyester surface that maximizes comfort and control while using it. They also come with stitched edging to prevent wear and ensure the longevity of your deskmat. On the bottom, is a specially designed non slip substance that prevents movement and ensures your deskmat stays in place no matter what! We also visually inspect every deskmat to ensure perfect quality.

What happens if I stain the deskmat?

No problem! Every deskmat is machine or hand washable. We recommend using general soap along with a small towel to gently scrub out any stain on the deskmat. After the stain is gone, simply let it air dry and it should be good to go!

Is a deskmat right for me?

A few years ago I had that same question! I initially saw deskmats as too big for my desk but as I saw more and more people use them, I decided to try one out. I was blown away by how a seemingly miniscule purchase could make such an improvement in my gaming experience. Every match of CSGO I played, I would be forced to physically reset my mouse to the middle of my mousepad constantly. It was incredibly annoying (especially when you were literally 1 millimeter away from one-tapping someone) and it would leave you quite frustrated. With a deskmat, those problems disappear completely. Your mouse can roam the cloth pastures of your deskmat free from boundaries. With Trivent deskmats, you too can have the feeling of mouse liberation. 

Group Buys

What is a group buy?

A group buy is a method of purchase where many members of a community pool there money in order to fund a production run of a limited edition item. The item is then produced and shipped to you via us! In the keyboard community, group buys have been known as being terribly long, but that's where we come in. We've adopted a brand new method known as the expedited group buy.

What is an expedited group buy?

The expedited group buy is our version of faster delivery to you. You've already purchased the product, why do you have to wait so long to have it? That important question is what led us to develop the expedited group buy format. We've shrunk the processing time from 6-9 months, to 2-3 months. This revolutionary process helps get you the product you love in a time far exceeding all the competitors :)

How do I know if what I'm buying is a group buy item?

All of our group buy items will be labelled as a "Group Buy" meaning that that the window is still open to be apart of the limited edition group buy. If a group buy is out of stock, it means that the purchasing window has closed, and the item will only be produced if there is enough of a demand to generate a second run.

How can I receive updates on the group buy?

If you've joined a group buy, you can receive updates via the timeline on the item listing, as well as the discord! You can ask questions and we'll give you immediate updated feedback!


When will my order ship?

We try to ship within 1-3 business days of purchase for all in-stock items. Group Buy items are labelled as a "Group Buy" in the product description and will ship based on the projected shipping date at purchase.

How can I track my order?

Once your product arrives and is shipped, you should receive and email updating you on the shipment. That email will include a tracking # as well as a link to see your order status on the website. If you don't see a shipping email, please contact us and we'll send over your tracking # !

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! We now offer international shipping to Canada, EU, and Australia. Shipping international is often expensive, but we want to make our deskmats more accessible to everyone, so we'll pay any extra shipping charge out of pocket! We offer it at a low rate of $20, and we'll pay the rest of the shipping cost!

Returns & Refunds

Do you offer returns?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot process returns due to our infrastructure, but we'll be happy to help with any problems or concerns you have! Simply contact us via any of our available channels, and we'll offer you total assistance.

Do you offer refunds?

We don't offer refunds & returns for in-stock purchases, but we may be available to offer refunds for a limited amount of Group Buy orders if they have yet to arrive and if there is interest for extras. We will also keep you updated on extra/refund availability during each group buy!