Our Story


Our company was founded in October 2020, during the outbreak of the Second Artsakh War. Due to the immense heartbreak and pain we witnessed during the war, we decided to commit to donating 10% of ALL profits to Armenian refugees in Artsakh and in Armenia. We want our company to make an impact, and this is the best way to do so. We don't just commit weekly or monthly profits, but ALL profits, because we want to have the greatest impact possible. Buy Trivent to support an excellent cause while getting a product you love.

Our Motto

Here at Trivent Industries we believe in delivering the highest quality Keyboard related goods that ensure satisfaction and far outperform the competition. We make sure every product we ship out is thoroughly examined to guarantee the highest of quality. Everything we do is with the upmost precision and consideration for our customers. Our motto "All Or Nothing", is a representation of this fundamental belief.